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Accelerating AI Infrastructure

GemaTEG’s Thermal Management solution transcends AI industry limitations by enhancing capacity without increasing resource demands.

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Unlock the potential of AI with us. Our knowledge stems from over 30 years of experience in semiconductors and deep knowledge of silicon's properties.

GemaTEG invites future innovators to redefine AI's potential together.

Welcome To A New Paradigm

The AI revolution is constrained by insufficient capacity due to chips in short supply, and overheating performance limitations.

Accelerating AI requires mastering chip heat management.

Yet, current cooling solutions are often ineffective and costly.

GemaTEG pivots the industry from cooling to Thermal Management, fine-tuning silicon temperatures to boost CPU and GPU performance exactly where and when it matters most.

With 30+ years of semiconductor expertise, we unlock the limitations of microprocessors and AI without the environmental and financial costs.

About Us

Why Now

“The world needs more AI infrastructure... Building massive-scale AI infrastructure and a resilient supply chain is crucial to economic competitiveness.”

Sam Altman, Founder & CEO of OpenAI

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Innovating Today, Protecting Tomorrow: GemaTEG's Commitment to Tech and Planet.