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Redefining Speed
Reimagining Cooling
Experience the DaTEG Difference

Active Thermal Management

Why is DaTEG Disruptive?

Control chip’s performance and cooling on demand.

A groundbreaking feature of DaTEG is its ability to control temperatures precisely at a localized level and on command — a unique capability in the market.

While other brands opt for broad solutions like submerging hardware in cooling liquids or relying on fans, DaTEG allows for targeted, efficient cooling WHERE and WHEN it matters most.


Unleashing New Potential in Computing Power

Improve computing power and chip performance

Boost server capacity significantly, ensuring top-tier computing efficiency.

Maximizes cooling efficacy at the chip level

Precisely target hotspots with our unique thermal
management solution, unlike broad cooling methods.

Materially reduces cost of data center operations

DaTEG's cooling approach ensures no negative impact, increasing the lifespan of your hardware.

Reduce impact on natural resources

Lower energy usage, contributing to cost savings and environmental sustainability.


Adapt to the Evolving Needs of AI

When it's time to upgrade a server's power, DaTEG can be installed to double its capacity. DaTEG adapts to the server with just minor updates ensuring your investment continues to deliver value.

For AI Infrastructure

DaTEG is designed specifically for the AI infrastructure market. Rather than waiting to upgrade to more powerful yet costly servers, DaTEG enhances the efficiency and capacity of current systems.

Seamless Integration with Current Hardware

DaTEG is a custom solution that integrates effortlessly with existing hardware. It redefines efficiency and performance without requiring extensive overhauls or new equipment purchases.